About Enlis Genomics

Enlis Genomics is leading the way in creating software that powers the future of genomic research and medicine

Scientific Research

Genomic Medicine

Personal Genomics

Our core strength is bringing clarity and significant ease of use to the analysis of genomic data

  • The Enlis Genome software platform is a framework for analyzing genomic sequencing data. It brings unparalleled clarity and significant ease of use to the study of genomic data.
  • The platform is being adapted for many different types of genomic analysis, including cancer genomics, clinical genetic testing, scientific research, and personal genomic exploration.
  • Our first product, Enlis Genome Research, is geared toward academic and industrial researchers and is available for direct purchase.
  • The platform is available for white-label licensing to companies interested in presenting and analyzing their state of the art sequence on state of the art software.


Enlis, LLC is a private company located in Berkeley, CA.

Enlis, LLC was founded by Devon Jensen, Ph.D.