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About Enlis Genome Personal

Software to organize and analyze your genomic data

Built for you

Drag-and-drop. Point-and-click. Tabs, maps, PDF export. It's genomic analysis built for the rest of us.

Easy to pick up and use, but powerful enough to enable discovery.

Built on a solid foundation

Our Enlis software platform has already helped researchers around the world to analyze tens of thousands of genomes.

Now with Enlis Genome Personal, you can access the same technology at a fraction of the price!

Built to explore

In addition to reporting what is already known about your genome, our software also gives you the tools and information to make new discoveries.

Features include:

  • Connect your genomic data with the best available information on:
    • How similar your genome is to others
    • The impact that changes in your genome have on genes, and the function of those genes
    • Research articles that describe your data
  • Load many genomes at the same time to get a comprehensive view of your entire family
  • Generate personalized PDF reports on diseases or traits. These reports can be printed or emailed.
  • Homozygous region analysis, speedy multi-genome variation comparison tool, over 20,000 built-in gene categories, information on over 6,000 diseases and traits, genomic maps, and much, much more!

Frequently asked questions

Supported formats:

  • VCF
  • Complete Genomics (var-[ID].tsv file)
  • 23andMe
  • Ancestry
Uncompressed data, or data compressed in zip, gzip, or bz2 formats is accepted

Typical import and analysis times:

  • 23andMe / Ancestry / FTDNA - 20 minutes
  • Exome VCF - 15 minutes
  • Whole Genome VCF - 40 minutes
  • Complete Genomics (var-[ID].tsv file) - 40 minutes
You will receive an email when the import and analysis process is complete
Sample genome reports are available on the import page, with examples from whole genome data, exome data, and 23andMe data.
Our genome import and annotation process uses some very large custom-curated databases to connect your data with the latest information. It's not practical or cost-effective to send these databases to every user.


Your privacy is very important to us. We temporarily store the raw data that you upload to us, as well as the imported, annotated data that we generate. In general, we store this data for 14 days to give you an opportunity to decide if you would like to purchase the imported data.

We do not provide or sell your data to any 3rd parties.

There is no cost or obligation to receive your free genome report.

If you wish to download your annotated data and explore it within the Enlis Genome Personal software, the prices are as follows:

  • Original format: 23andMe / Ancestry / FTDNA - US$39.95
  • Original format: VCF or Complete Genomics - US$79.95

The after purchase instructions follow an easy 3 step process:

    Download, Install, Open

See detailed instructions here


Head over to the download page to get the Enlis Genome Personal software.

The software includes 3 sample genomes, so that you can test out all the functionality.

Operating system:

  • Windows: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • Mac OSX: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, or 10.10

Hard drive space: The software requires 1.5GB of space (this includes the 3 sample genomes).

Memory: At least 2GB, more the better

CPU: Recent Intel or AMD

Here are some of the differences and advantages of Enlis Genome Personal:

  • It's a full software application. Rather than just a webpage or single report, Enlis Genome Personal is a full application that you install on your computer and load your genome data.
  • Ability to load multiple genomes and compare them side-by-side. You can load all your family member genomes together, or load multiple copies of your own genome (i.e. you have data from 23andMe and, or you can compare your genome to available sample data.
  • Ability to generate custom disease and trait PDFs, suitable for email or printing. A sample Macular Degeneration PDF is sent with every free genome report.
  • For a particular disease or trait, this software will tell you how many known disease positions were successfully sequenced in your data, and how many are missing. For example, if you are interested in a hereditary disease like Cystic Fibrosis, it will indicate there are 270 known variants that cause Cystic Fibrosis. Your data covers 101 of those positions, and there is missing data on 169 positions.
  • More extensive information on each SNP, like variant mammalian conservation, or variant deleterious predictions. Much more information on the function of genes and where in the body those genes are expressed.
  • User friendly interface that is easy to use. Includes a genome browser so you can see your data in the context of genes and chromosomes.
  • For 23andMe users - better quality control and more data:
    • We discovered over 500 SNPs with inaccurate data in the 23andMe results, and we automatically filter those out. See blog post here.
    • We are the only service to identify and analyze over 1,000 of 23andMe's proprietary insertions and deletions. Most of these can have a health impact. See blog post here.
  • For users with whole genome or exome data:
    • We give you the tools to make new discoveries about your data. Advanced variation filter, phenotype explorer, homozygous region analysis, and over 20,000 built-in gene categories.
    • An example - our founder used this software to discover a cause of a rare phenotype in his whole genome data. How long did it take? Less than 30 seconds.