Enlis Genome Research

Software to analyze your DNA sequence data with unparalleled clarity.

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Multi-genome analysis

The easiest way to analyze one, ten, or even hundreds of human genomes - all on a standard desktop or laptop computer.

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Powerful tools

Import and annotate your data with a few clicks. Filter millions of variations with an effortless and effective query builder. Integrate the analysis of small variation data with call coverage, structural variation, and copy number changes.

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Built for everyone

Designed for intuitive use. Easy enough to be used by a wet lab biologist or clinician. Powerful enough for the more experienced bioinformatician.

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Award winning.

"Software that would most substantially improve the scientific utility of genomic data..."
The overall winner of the Illumina Data Excellence Award competition is now available!

Current users include many

World class institutions.

Bring your DNA variation data. Any size.

Great for the analysis of:

  • Whole genome data
  • Exome data
  • Target gene amplicon panels
  • Rare Disease
  • Tumor or Tumor/Normal pairs
  • Family trio
  • Patient cohorts
  • Population genetics
  • Cell lines