After Purchase Instructions

1. Download your personal .genome file

- After you purchase your data - you will receive an email with a link to download your personal .genome file

- Click the link in your email to save your .genome file to your computer

- Keep this .genome file safe! For your privacy, we delete our copy of this data after 14 days

2. Download and install Enlis Genome Personal

- Visit

- Click the 'Windows' or 'Mac' link to download and save the Enlis Genome Personal install software to your computer

- After the file has finished downloading, double-click the 'EnlisGenomePersonalSetup.exe' or 'EnlisGenomePersonalSetup.dmg' file to start the installation. Follow the onscreen instructions

3. Open your .genome file in Enlis Genome Personal

Or, click the 'Load .genome' button on the Enlis Genome Personal home tab

Then, select the .genome file that you saved to your computer in step 1

4. Have fun exploring!

Some things to do:

- Discover all of your data that is connected to traits or disease using the Phenotype Summary Tool

- Generate PDF reports for any trait or disease using the Phenotype Explorer Tool

- Search for your rare variations in the Variation Filter Tool

- Compare your data to different ethnic genomes found on our sample genomes page

- Find homozygous regions of your genome, (more likely to harbor recessive disease) with the Homozygous Regions Tool

- Browse beautiful chromosome maps to see your data in the context of genes and chromosomes

- Learn about the function of each gene and see how your data impacts that gene