We are proud to announce that a new version of Enlis Genome Research is now available.  For current Enlis customers, this software update is available for use immediately at no additional cost.

Version 1.6 highlights:

– New .bam file integration
Integrated with IGV to view bam file read data.  Open a .bam file at the correct region from any position page, structural variation page, or copy number variation page – all with one click.

– New Genomic position locator tool
Open it from the tools menu. Use a gene symbol, or accession number and a nucleotide or amino acid number to find a genomic position from gene data.   See this tool in action:


– Variation Filter tool – save and load filter sets
Save commonly used sets of filters and load them with one click.

– Built as a 64 bit application
Moving to a 64 bit application allows analysis of larger datasets.

– Tissue expression data on 44 different tissues
Incorporated gene tissue expression data into the gene pages and created new gene categories.

– New Annotation version (5)
Added 167 genes. Updated to dbSNP138.  Updated Gene categories – now contains >20000 categories

Numerous other bugs fixes and features – full release notes can be found here: